Cybersecurity Considerations for 2019 and Beyond Webcast

December 11, 12:00pm, CST - 1:00pm, CST

The virtual event will take place on GoToWebinar. To obtain the meeting invite and link for the webinar, please register for the event at the following link:




Event Details:

Join cybersecurity expert Shefali Mookencherry (Impact Advisors) as she explores 2018 lessons learned and upcoming cybersecurity challenges in 2019!

Shefali will cover the following topics during the webcast:

  • Review of challenges and lessons learned for healthcare cybersecurity in 2018
  • Understand regulations impacting healthcare cybersecurity now and 2019
  • Review a sample 2019 cybersecurity budget
  • Understand cybersecurity challenges coming up in 2019 and beyond