Fall Innovation Event: Health IT Innovation to Improve Patient Outcomes

October 27, 5:30pm, CDT - 9:00pm, CDT

Accenture 161 N. Clark Street, Conference Room 40th floor, Chicago, IL 60601


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*$59 non-member fee includes Greater Illinois Chapter HIMSS membership*


Join us for a panel review of four emerging topics in our industry. Our panel brings expertise from across the industry to provide new insights on:

  • Behavioral Health and the Integration of Telehealth
  • Infusion Pump Integrations with EMRs
  • Smart Rooms
  • How Service Design and Innovation Improve Care Coordination

Learn how progress in these areas will move our healthcare services forward. Reserve space on your calendar now!


David Cohn, CEO of Regroup Therapy
Behavioral Health and the Integration of Telehealth

Both behavioral health and telehealth are hot topics. As the health care sector embraces the triple aim, we see behavioral health services offered increasingly via telehealth and in a number of different flavors. David Cohn, CEO of Regroup Therapy will discuss the varieties of tele behavioral health as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the different permutations.


Doreen Timm, Director of Clinical Informatics and Special Projects at Mercy Health
Infusion Pump Integrations with EMRs

We will walk through our facility’s journey of IV pump integration, from pump selection through 2 way integration with our EMR.  We will discuss project and change management, quality monitoring and continued education for the staff.



Steve Smith, RN, BSN, MSN Candidate
Cheryl Hager, APN, MSN, ONP-C, Advocate Christ Medical Center

Smart Rooms

Smart Room technology has obvious benefits in efficiency and care giver workflow, as well as a novel method to keep patients engaged, informed, and entertained. Yet, even after a decade after electronic charting became mainstream, staff are still struggling with adopting technology at the bedside despite the ubiquity of it in their personal lives. What makes a clinician view a smart phone differently on the unit than in their home? In this talk we will relate our experience with our smart room deployment in 4 units at a level 1 trauma and teaching medical center.


Kevin Ellenwood, Accenture Interactive, Healthcare Digital Transformation Lead
Behavioral Health and the Integration of Telehealth

Kevin Ellenwood is a member of Accenture Interactive where he leads Healthcare Digital Transformation. Kevin’s expertise in is building and running Digital Platforms across multiple industries while helping brands evolve by leveraging digital. He has over 20 years of digital experiences including 7 years running a multitenant digital platform.  His teams cover a wide range of Digital services ranging from Digital Strategy to Implementation and run services.

In the United States, the effectiveness of social services like state-funded medical care, mental health services, housing support, and access to food is largely tied to a broader social service delivery system defined by government policy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to institute policy in a way that serves the myriad needs of the people accessing these services. And social service agencies typically don’t have access to the innovations that make life easier through technology. In this secession we will explore how to address these issues through Service Design and Human Centered Design.