GIC HIMSS Webinar: Anywhere Access from any Device to your Apps/Desktops and Content

November 1, 12:00pm, CDT - 12:00pm, CDT



- Show how VDI has grown up into an End User Computing system. Creating a consumer simple but enterprise secure system for access to Apps, content and Virtual desktops. Allows users / clinician to use the device that appropriate to what you are doing at the time. Use  a large screen full keyboard and mouse while in the office, use a mobile device when showing a patient  medical image while they are in a hospital bed, or using your smart phone while on the boat to check an image a colleague is questioning to dismiss or confirm a concern

- Show how a radically new approach to application lifecycle management . Injecting application into virtual or physical desktops

- Discover how to access your apps ( desktops and content)  security from unmanaged, BYOD  ( bring your own device) and COD ( corporate owned devices) . Get the same look and feel from any device

- Show how we can centrally manage , create safe harbor data protection, location and device independence with always on availability


Event Objectives: 

  1. How to allow any device access to app and desktops
  2. Future of device management
  3. Application lifecycle management for desktop OS apps
  4. Zero sneaker effort OS upgrade
  5. Zero sneaker  effort application upgrade

Speaker Bio:  Tony Dancona, Vice President, Services, with the Technology Solutions Group.

  • More than 25 years of experience in servers, virtualization, and private cloud. Responsible for developing strategies to integrate end users into the computing environment with leading-edge solutions. .
  • Evangelist for technologies  from Vmware and how it can help customers (Tony’s opinion not VMware's )
  • Sit on Vmware Technology advisory board.
  • Allows me to be an advocate for customer needs
  • Heads up on what’s changing
  • Ability to influence BU with issues, missing pieces, please do not charge for that added feature
  • Vmware vExpert
  • Most exciting stuff at vmware right now
    • App Vol
    • Anywhere access to apps, desktops and content from any device
    • Hybrid – cloud