Webinar: All Together Now - Cybersecurity in 2018!

April 3, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT


Abstract: Both in our lives as healthcare professionals as well as our personal lives, cybersecurity has become an ever-present topic. Not that we want it to, but we can’t make it go away either. This session will review cybersecurity trends and how they impact your role-whether you're a clinician, administrator, business leader, or technician. We will review relevant statistics, look at some examples and analyze how security incidents have impacted healthcare organizations beyond the pure technical scope.
Depending on their role, healthcare staff have different cybersecurity responsibilities and make decisions on a daily basis – whether it’s purchasing new equipment and software, or clicking on an attachment in an email – that impact an organization’s foundation of cybersecurity as well as its overall security resilience. Having all stakeholders understand their role and their security risk factors
helps an organization to move from a reactive to a holistic and proactive security posture.
Event Objectives:
  • Improve understanding of basic cybersecurity terms and trends
  • Provide insight into how security incidents are a risk to care delivery and the business of healthcare
  • Educate stakeholders and improve their security knowledge as appropriate for their role
  • Enable staff to improve cyber hygiene, be able to identify security risks, and support the decision-making process in case of an incident
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Distinguished Solutions Architect, US Healthcare Industry, Symantec Corporation
Drawing from over 25 years of international experience in the industry, Mr. Wirth is supporting Symantec’s healthcare customers to solve their critical security, privacy, compliance, and IT management challenges. He is an active participant in industry organizations and a frequent speaker at conferences, forums, and webcasts on subjects such as cybersecurity, medical device security, mobile health infrastructure, compliance automation, IT infrastructure optimization, and other healthcare-specific topics.