Webinar: Embracing the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

July 18, 12:00pm, CDT - 12:00pm, CDT

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Webinar Title: Embracing the Digital Transformation of Healthcare
No healthcare organization is immune to the high-performance demands of next-generation digital tools and applications, or the patients and caregivers that rely on them. More than ever before, healthcare organizations face increasing pressure to be more productive, effective, and efficient. To meet these challenges, organizations must integrate new technologies and implement the right IT solutions and services to create a more proficient, agile digital organization.  Improvements in efficiency are achieved not just by technology alone, but also by staffing and workflow adjustments that result in less wasteful processes and increased productivity of care teams.
Event Objectives:
  • Point-of-Care Technology – why it is important and how it can be leveraged
  • Clinical Workflows – identifying risk factors and opportunities for improvements
  • Patient Engagement – interact with patients in a meaningful way
  • Next Generation Tools - implementing technology that drives changes in lives