Webinar: The Journey to HIMSS Davies Award - Anupam Goel, MD

May 1, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT


The Journey to HIMSS Davies Award: Demonstrating sustainable quality improvement and return on investment using Electronic Health Records and health information technology
Webinar Overview
  • Welcome and introduction 5 min – as HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award winner
  • 10-15 min – AdvocateAuroraHealth will describe their process to submit a Davies application including selecting projects that provided clinical and financial value to the organization. AdvocateAuroraHealth focused on blood product management, reducing inappropriate lab test ordering and reducing telephone transcription costs using technology.
  • Listeners will ask questions / have a dialogue with – 40-45 min speaker
Event Objectives
  • Understand the process to apply for the HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award.
  • Linking senior leadership goals with health information technology investments and deployments.
  • Use clinical and financial metrics to track progress toward organizational goals.