Webinar: Removing Complexity and Risk from Healthcare Data Protection

February 6, 12:00pm, CST - 12:00pm, CST





    In the face of more frequent disaster situations and a higher reliance on technology, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity have become absolutely vital in today’s healthcare environments. Successful organizations embrace a multi-tiered catalog of recovery technologies connected by a unified management platform. This approach enables IT departments to continuously balance cost vs. risk, leverage the cloud for DR, and protect data accordingly.  Building a solid tiered DR catalog is challenging for most organizations. Companies often rely on third-party consultants and technical experts to help them transform their legacy IT approaches to realize the most value. Disaster recovery should be no exception. This webinar will outline key considerations for balancing cost, risk and complexity when implementing a comprehensive DR strategy and provide guidance on how to realize a pragmatic future state.


    Event Objectives:

    • Understand the changing face of disaster recovery.
    • Why are DR costs so high?
    • Do multiple point solutions fuel the fire?
    • Simplification is the key to success.



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