Webinar: Transforming a DLP Purchase into a Program - Using DLP to Reduce Enterprise Risk

December 6, 12:00pm, CST - 1:00pm, CST


Abstract:  We will discuss the importance of data security in today’s environment. Then we will differentiate between Data Loss Prevention technologies and a Data Loss Prevention Program. The last point explains the benefits of a mature DLP program to a business.

Event Objectives: To understand the importance of data security and the difference between a DLP technology and a DLP program. Lastly, to understand the value of a DLP program in practical terms.

Speaker Bio: Ryan Dobbins

Ryan was responsible for the development and everyday management of the information security program at a multi-billion-dollar healthcare enterprise. His areas of expertise include threat protection, data loss prevention, and governance risk and compliance. A graduate of James Madison University, Ryan is active in the GRC community and holds the GSLC from SANS.