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5th Annual Charit y Golf Tournament &\; Dinner

June 11\, 12:45pm\, CDT - 7:00pm\, CDT

Ruffled Feathers Golf Club \;
1 Pete Dye Drive \;
Lemont\, IL 60439
All are welcome - members and non-members who would like to support a worthy cause!


Golf Rate:& nbsp\; $150 \;($125*)

Includes:< strong> \;Golf \, cart\, lunch\, cocktail reception\, dinner and goody bag< o:p>

< span style='font-size:10.5pt\;font-family:"Verdana"\,sans-serif\;mso-bidi- font-family:Arial\;color:#333333'>Dinner Only: \; \;$65 \;($50*)

Includes: \; Cocktail reception\, di nner &\; networking


*Early Bird Rates until May 8th

Que stions? \;golf.greate

Reg istration




11:00 a.m.  \; \; \; \; \ ; \; \; \; \; Registration Opens/Lunch

12:45 p.m. \; &nb sp\;  \;  \;  \; Tourney Rules/Shotgun Start

 \;5:45 p.m.&nb sp\;  \;  \;  \;  \;  \;Cocktail Reception\, Dinner\, Speakers &\; Awards



Contests &\; Prizes:

  • Top 3 Teams
  • Hole in One
  • Longest Drive
  • Closest to Pin Contest< /o:p>
  • Mega-Putt Contest Prior to Tee -Off with Prize
  • < span style='font-size:10.5pt\;font-family:"Verdana"\,sans-serif'>The " \;Launcher"\; Golf Ball Air Cannon
  • Goody Bag


Ruffled Feathers Golf Course \;Information

Pete Dye Designed Course

Fully Stocked Golf Shop (bag and clubs available for rent)< o:p>

Well Manicured Practice Range and Pu tting Green Best Illinois Public Course (2010)



Additional Materials: \;

Sponsorship Details