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Update Nov.  9, 2017

2017 Midwest Fall Technology Conference Reflections (Oct. 22-24, 2017)

"I wanted to share and reflect on my observations and experience at this year’s Fall Midwest Technology Conference in Indianapolis. As a first timer and provider at the MFTC I really enjoyed the event. I have attended four National Conferences in the past and was really not sure how this would measure up. I was pleasantly surprised. The venue was exquisite and the conference was well planned and organized. The value was incredible and Included all meals and fun entertainment. The highlight was ZDOGG MD, which I admit, I am kind of a groupie ( being a nurse). It was great to meet him and hear his message in person. The keynote speakers were outstanding and the other sessions were impressive. A great showing by the University Hospital and some student posters as well. I had plenty of time to talk to the vendors and learn more about their companies. The vendor floor was so convenient and not overwhelming like Nationals. Although a small and intimate group, the networking was invaluable. I met some incredibly nice people and strengthened existing relationships. The Indiana chapter should be commended for what a great job they did. I encourage all Illinois members to attend the regional conferences. I am looking forward to Iowa in 2018!" Picture from left: Lauren Wiseman, Melissa Serna, Sue Sarhage, ZDOGG MD, Lisa Janeway, Katie Deems

Lisa Janeway MSN, RN, BC, CPHIMS
Northwestern Medicine


GIC HIMSS NHIT Event Recap:  "Payer/Provider Collaboration and Pharma Challenges- Using IT as a Change Agent" (Oct. 5, 2017)

GIC HIMSS had an incredibly successful Health IT week!  In attendance were 82 members (including 10 new members) at the event at the eclectic Catalyst Ranch, in Chicago.  An esteemed panel of experts shared personal experiences and strategies for how they currently utilize technology and their plans for future updates.  Technology is at the heart of collaboration between Payers, Providers and pharmaceutical advocacy with the goal of achieving stronger value-based, patient-focused healthcare. 

The discussion was highly educational and very interactive. GIC HIMSS was honored with local leaders Julie Bonello, CHIO - CIO of Rush Health and Heather Nelson - Interim VP & CIO of University of Chicago Medicine from the provider side; Jimmy Lee - previous leader of Anthem, now Managing Partner at Trexin Consulting, representing the Payers; John Klimek, R.Ph - SVP Standards & IT - National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) sharing pharmaceutical advocacy; and Joy Duling - Executive Director, CIHIE, bringing it together representing the Communities of Illinois Health Information Exchange.

Jimmy Lee discussed the trends and impacts of the ACA and the challenges facing Payers while highlighting socio-economics as the greatest challenge.   Julie Bonello shared her success in creating an internal HIE and communication/collaboration processes at Rush Health.  Heather Nelson shared challenges, strategies and vision for encouraging collaboration.  John Klimek brought expertise on the Pharma side of how he’s working to create collaboration across state lines between pharmacists, patients and physicians to help patients receive affordable prescriptions as well as reduce opioid abuse and fraud in the healthcare system.  And Joy Duling shared a story from the heart detailing how  CIHIE has been successful using technology and collaboration ultimately enabling coordination of patient care to the communities of Central Illinois while continuing to grow.

The event proved very educational for attendees and panelists, many of whom commented that they had learned quite a bit from each other.  Supporting the overall goal of the event and the interactive nature, the group began to generate new ideas and ways of thinking to improve patient care using technology.  Of course, we have only cracked the surface and there is much work to be done, but a collaborative environment will ensure that patients receive the greatest care available and remain front and center within the HIT community.