Summer Social Details & Parking:  July 20, 6:00pm, CDT - 8:30pm, CDT  

The entrance for this event is: 230 S Columbus
Art Institute of Chicago -- Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room 
111 South Michigan Avenue  Chicago, Illinois 60603-6404

**If you enter at the main entrance on Michigan Avenue you will be directed to walk around the building.

We recommend that you park at the Millennium Park Parking Garage. Choose the “Millennium Lakeside” Garage as it will take you to the entrance for this event. If there is no parking there, you can also choose to park at the “Millennium Garage” and that will also get you to the Art Institute. You can use the link below to purchase parking ahead of time at a discount rate. Otherwise, we also recommend that you download the app “SpotHero” to find parking at a great rate.


REMEMBER!  Benefiting The Boulevard
Please bring gently used business attire donations to help residents get back on their feet!

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Welcome to GIC HIMSS!

We are a diverse group of experienced healthcare professionals working in greater Illinois. We work at hospitals, corporate health systems, consulting firms, vendor organizations, universities, and a wide variety of other organizations. Many of us are the decision makers in our organization. Our members range from CEOs, CIOs, and other senior executives to analysts and students. We have technical members and clinical members. The majority of GIC’s members have well over ten years of experience in the healthcare field.


As part of the FY14 HIMSS Chapter Level of Advocacy Awards, the GIC Chapter was awarded the Presidential Level of Advocacy Award. A HIMSS Chapter Level of Advocacy Award is presented to the Chapter as a direct result of their Chapter Advocate's leadership and commitment to health IT advocacy. A special thank you goes out to chapter member and former Advocacy HIE Chair Lauren Wiseman MSN, RN- BC at the Central Illinois Health Information Exchange and her team for all their hard work on the Chapter’s HIE Advocacy Day program.