GCC HIMSS Webinar: Navigating the Increasing Risks to Mobile Device Data Security

February 23, 12:00pm, CST - 1:00pm, CST


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The brief history of the existence of mobile devices has demonstrated that they deserve the title of the most vulnerable digital device. Easily the victim of intrusion, loss or theft, it is far more likely that critical data can fall into the hands of the wrong person from a mobile device than from any other form of storage.

Beyond the loss of brand reputation for a company that manages sensitive data so cavalierly, there are numerous other consequences when control of such precious data is mishandled. Some of the most damaging hits to a company’s bottom line can come in the way of victim class action lawsuits, shareholder class action lawsuits, the FTC’s mandatorily-imposed 20 year remediation plan. And, most importantly, the miscreant company risks facing government regulatory sanctions.

Join Stephen Treglia, JD, HCISPP, and Douglas Lubahn, HCISPP, as they analyze some of the most devastating recent data breaches, highlight where the legal and regulatory dangers may be hiding in HIPAA/HITECH, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, FTC, state breach notification laws and even pending legislation such as the EU’s Data Protection Legislation, and discuss best practices to minimize the risk of critical data loss.

Event Objectives:

In this webcast you will learn:

  • Analysis of the recent incident increase and costly consequences of mobile device data breaches
  • Analysis of how and why laws and regulations have evolved so rapidly in assigning penalties to these breaches, along with foreseeable predictions of where these laws and regulations are heading.

  • Recommendations to minimize the risk and cost of such breaches.




Stephen Treglia  
Legal Counsel & HIPPA Compliance Officer

As Legal Counsel at Absolute, Stephen provides oversight and guidance on regulatory compliance related to data breaches and other security incidents. Stephen counsels the Absolute Investigations team who conduct data forensics, theft investigations, and device recoveries. Stephen has extensive knowledge of the US regulatory landscape, including SOX, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulatory bodies.

 Prior to joining Absolute in 2010, Stephen was a prosecutor in New York for over 30 years, 10 of those years handling major organized crime investigations and prosecutions in the New York metropolitan area, and handling computer crime cases for the last 15 of those years, 14 of which as head of one of the world’s first computer crime units.

 Stephen is also a nationwide lecturer on a variety of legal topics relating to technology such as the search and seizure of digital evidence, computer forensics performed in a legally admissible matter, and the general admissibility of computer-generated evidence.



Doug Lubahn
Director, Health Care Investigations

Doug joined Absolute Software Corporation in 2007. For the first 5 years, he held the position of Law Enforcement Liaison Officer which, besides conducting investigations of devices stolen from Absolute’s customers, included training and liaising with law enforcement on how Absolute’s tools help locate the mobile devices. In 2012, he advanced to Regional Director of the Investigations’ staff for central United States. In May of 2015, he received his HCISPP certification from (ISC)2. In August of 2015, he became Director of Healthcare Investigations at Absolute to lead the corporation’s recently-released Data and Device Security for Healthcare software as a service project. Prior to joining Absolute, Doug spent 26 years with the Michigan State Police, retiring in 2005 at the rank of First Lieutenant Post Commander. He handled all types of criminal investigations from the routine to complex homicide cases, organized Crime team cases, and political corruption cases.