Webinar: Insights on High Value Virtual Health Opportunities

January 17, 12:00pm, CST - 12:00pm, CST




Virtual health is rapidly changing the landscape of how we provide healthcare as well as impacting health insurers and others. The ability to deliver health services at a distance using technology impacts how healthcare providers collaborate, how specialists are consulted, as well as how we coordinate and monitor care in a person’s everyday life. This session will provide insights on three virtual health offerings with significant value propositions.

Event Objectives:

Describe newer services across the three dimensions of virtual health – Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Clinician Collaboration – and identify the value proposition of each.

Speaker Bios:

Greg Smith
Greg has more than 25 years creating value across provider, payer and life science companies through successful program management, developing people, and successfully delivering health transformation strategies and technology platforms.


During his career Greg has served as an expert panelist for the National Institute of Health – Health of the Populations regarding virtual health, telemedicine and telehealth. He has provided virtual health direction to a variety of providers, payers and life science companies as well as to the Veterans Administration, state hospital associations and departments of health, as well as the Office of Rural Health Policy and other federal agencies.  Greg has a patent pending on nursing communication technologies


Frances Dare

For more than 25 years Frances has worked with private and public healthcare organizations to integrate healthcare, create new enterprise operating models, improve the health of populations, and design new care delivery models. Today, much of her work lies at the intersection of shifting economics and the digital disruption of healthcare.


Frances began her career in not-for-profit health delivery systems where she held a range of leadership positions. She has also been a leader in health policy development at both the state and national levels.