GIC HIMSS Scholarships

GIC HIMSS Scholarship Program 2020-2021

Purpose: To provide financial assistance and recognition to qualified students in accredited programs in health management, health information technology, management programs with a health focus, or technology programs with a focus in healthcare information technology.


Objective: Provide two (2) scholarship awards to worthy candidates


Program Structure:

Two $2,500 scholarships will be offered to selected students: one in a graduate program (to include Masters or Doctorate) and the other in an undergraduate program. 


Scholarships will be offered to students in the following types of programs:

a. Health information management/technology

b. Health management, with a focus in information management/technology

c. Clinical programs with a focus in information management/technology

d. Health science programs with a focus in information management/technology

e. Business management programs with a focus in health information management/technology

f. Management science programs with a focus in health information management/technology

g. Other types of degree programs which emphasize health information management/technology



Participation is open to students who are enrolled in a degree program in an accredited college or university who reside in Illinois within chapter boundaries. Certificate programs are not eligible for award. Students must have completed at least one quarter or semester in their currently enrolled Healthcare Information Technology related degree program.


Award Criteria

a) Submission of a scholarship application and related documents in a single PDF file via email to no later than midnight on Sunday, November 15, 2020

b) Two letters of professional recommendation must accompany the application. These should include letters from superiors for whom the candidate has worked with and/or college professors with whom the candidate had studied under.

c) A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0. A most recent transcript(s) must be included with the scholarship application. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable

d) A short essay (500 - 750 words double spaced) that addresses the following questions:

       - What is a major issue facing the health industry and how can information technology address the issue?

       - How do you envision your role in Healthcare Information Technology in the future?


Criteria for Evaluation of application and award of scholarship will include:

  • Meets grade point criterion
  • Quality of recommendations
  • Provide specific examples of the candidate’s distinctive qualities, attributes, and potential
  • Provide examples of the candidate’s professional and academic growth
  • Quality of candidate’s essay
  • Answer both questions with insightful reasoning, persuasive examples, and a unique perspective



The recipients of the scholarship will be required to serve as a volunteer on Professional Development Committee from January – December 2021.   Meetings are held monthly via conference call.


Recognition of Awardees:

  • Will be formally recognized at the Career Development Event, Spring 2021
  • Will be recognized on website, newsletters, and in person/virtual events



The schedule of scholarship program is as follows:

September 14, 2020                  Application published to website and open for submission

November 15, 2020                        Applications due at midnight

November 2020                    Review of applications and selection of award recipients

December   2020                  GIC HIMSS Board approval of scholarship awards nominees

January   2021               Award recipients and candidates notified by email/phone call


Questions?  Questions or concerns about the scholarship application process can be directed to:



Winny Chiu

Student Liaison

Or email

Greater Illinois Chapter